When men were boys – Chapter 4: A bond a war could not break

The connection between ex-boys has always been and will forever remain strong. From Calabar to Sokoto, Lagos to Maiduguri it exhibits the bond of brotherhood, the spirit of camaraderie that transcends ethnicity and overlooks religious differences. It declares an Ade the kin of an Ibrahim and a Chukwuma, their sibling.


When men were boys – Chapter 3: Adventure in the rain

Without considering the crazy danger we were putting him into, we dropped him and almost immediately, he vanished, screaming. We all ran after the fast running water screaming playfully. Our laughter however disappeared almost immediately. The guys at the other end missed and the water raced away with him. By this time all of us were dashing madly after the water as it carried him away

When men were boys – Chapter 2: We were smokers

We woke up in the dead of the nights to smoke. We smoked at day. Dawn, dusk or noon it didn't matter. We smoked in our rooms, outside and worse still in our classrooms. As a matter of fact the best place to smoke was inside the classroom when the teacher suddenly leaves or in desperate cases, we got our heads beneath the lockers and smoked like mad with the teacher right in front of the class. We smoked in the bus and in the bush. It wasn't a matter of addiction; it was a matter of survival.

When men were boys – Chapter 1: Letter to a damsel

These letters were not merely written they were handcrafted. If the sender's handwriting was awful, he would get his friend or a junior student with a beautiful handwriting to write it on an attractive writing pad sprayed with perfume for added effect - we really did that? - Those were the days. If you think this is humorous, well most of the time it worked and the girls were swept off their feet. You will see them in their hostels clutching beautifully designed envelopes. Imagine the response when a reply comes from the pretty maiden with a picture of herself - boy!

When men face uncertainties

In life; risk and uncertainties test our courage. The courage to try, courage to invent, courage to innovate, courage to follow or lead, courage to fail and rise again and eventually the courage to win and succeed. Traps and cages should not inhibit us but should be shelters to plan our strategies, launch, execute, launch and evaluate. These cages should be schools to graduate from and not a world to graduate into. No one therefore can hold us captives unless we keep ourselves in their captivity.

When men become chairs

The chairs of this world have the patience none of us will be ready or pleased to have. Chairs squat for years to see students through schools, to sit us at homes, to sit visitors and researchers, to sit business men and politicians. As inanimate as these chairs are, what will be the fate of human beings in a world without chairs? From the dining table to the sitting rooms; from the church to the conference room; from the car to the aeroplane.

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